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About Jessica

Owner & Lead Planner

People often ask me why I’ve decided to become a wedding planner... it definitely wasn't my original career path (I have a diploma in Recreation and BA in Psychology) so I’d like to share that story with you…


I spent 10 years in the Recreation industry working with children/youth/adults in many settings. I enjoyed my job, being around people, making a difference in the children’s lives, but there always seemed to be something missing – I didn’t have a passion. I worked to work and to make money but I never felt like “this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”.


In 2012 I got engaged to the love of my life! I spent the next two years engrossed in colour schemes, floral arrangements and Excel spreadsheets! All of my down-time was spent on planning the best day of my life (even my non-down-time) and I was loving every minute of it – mostly because I dreamed of the day I’d be planning my wedding.


In 2014 my husband and I married, and as planned, it was the best day we could have asked for (still to this day we talk about how beautiful and amazing it was). When it was over, I experienced what most brides also experience – the wedding planning withdrawal! Two years of planning and all of a sudden there was nothing to plan during my down-time… so I helped friends with their weddings, continued to watch my TLC wedding shows, and despite what everyone said, my withdrawal did not dissipate!


I then started to look for event planning jobs… this is when I stumbled upon The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada – become a certified wedding planner!? Absolutely! I took the course and fell in love with the industry! I then started to volunteer with various wedding planners/coordinators to learn more and to get some experience under my belt.


This is when I realized I had finally found my passion! Being a wedding planner is more than just picking out linens and talking to vendors – it means throwing yourself into the lives of others, understanding where their passions lie and providing a service that is personal, loving and absolutely perfect!


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me... I really hope I can join you on your journey so I can learn more about you <3

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